Scotland’s Housing Expo 2010 Book

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Scotland’s first ever Housing Expo took place in Inverness throughout August 2010 and showcased innovative, sustainable housing and placemaking to an audience of over 33,000 visitors. The Expo has had an important role in changing attitudes to house and place design in Scotland and is a permanent housing development of 27 different projects consisting of 20 affordable housing units for rent and shared equity and 32 private houses. The Expo event was the first of its kind in Scotland. It was based on similar projects found across mainland Europe, and the Finnish Housing Fair in particular, where the concept has grown in popularity over a number of years.

The book:

  • Tells the background to the expo story
  • Outlines the role of the competition
  • Details triumphs and challenges in delivering the project
  • Contains contributions from the project masterplanner, the architects of all of the projects and those involved in getting the project built and organising the Expo event.
  • illustrates and explains the buildings and landscaping showcased by the Expo, the background to the event and what has been learnt from it so far.

Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS) published this book, commissioned by the Scottish Government, to record the projects of Scotland’s Housing Expo 2010. The book builds on the achievements of the Expo and aims showcases the project to a wider audience.

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