SCIM Design Statements

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The basis of any project is a clear brief. This should capture not just what the development must contain – the spaces and functions – but what it must support people to do: to reach help more easily, to relax in peace or to encourage people to be up and about, to communicate with colleagues better. How these attributes are achieved will rely on the skill of the design team to marry different aspects of the brief and the site. However, the client team can, at a very early stage, develop a shared vision that can be used to both build confidence in a better future and to check they are on track to deliver it.

SCIM Design Statements

For new or substantially refurbished health projects this is captured in a ‘Design Statement’. This is typically eight to ten pages containing short statements of needs matched with images of what success might look like in relation to these; additionally, there is a view of how the development will be a positive addition to the community context. The client’s approach to how this brief will be used to inform key decision points completes this statement of need and of intent.

SCIM Design Statement development

Design Statements are developed through engagement with a broad range of stakeholders including clinicians, facilities managers and patient representatives. The starting point of this engagement is the business objectives for the development, things like improved access to services, increased integration, increased efficiency, etc. Using these, the group verbally walk through a ‘day in the life’ firstly of a patient, then a staff member and a visitor. This captures what the facility must do for these people at each stage of their journey from home, to treatment and back again. These needs are recorded as short statements, and benchmarked through examples of good practice, learning from the successes of others.

SCIM Design Statement examples

A catalogue of projects which includes examples of Design Statements can be accessed here.

A catalogue of images which can be used in SCIM Design Statements can be accessed here.


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