Design Skills Symposium 2014

Follow up resources from the Design Skills Symposium, organised with the Local Authority Urban Design Forum, in 2014.

A photograph of a housing development next to a river bordered by green trees

Design Skills Symposium 2014

Key learning from Design Skills Symposium 2014

We are delighted to share some of the key learning and messages from the 2014 Design Skills Symposium as described by the participants and expert facilitators in this short video about the event.

Design Skills Symposium learning outputs

This document contains learning outputs from the Design Skills Symposium 2014.

Design Skills Symposium 2014 - follow up event

A follow up event to the Design Skills Symposium 2014 took place on November 6th at The Lighthouse. The programme included a workshop on lessons learned, a visit to the Athletes’ village and Cunnigar Loop, and an evening lecture by Professor Rob Adams, Director of City Design, Melbourne, and Professor Alan Pert, Nord Archtiecture on re-making cities through their public spaces.


Local Authority Urban Design Forum (LAUDF)

Two years ago, A&DS supported the establishment of the Local Authority Urban Design Forum to provide a means for practitioners in local authorities and other public bodies to share issues and ways of addressing them.

The Forum meets twice a year to share experiences from across Scotland. It is a peer based learning forum, which publishes its learning outcomes following each meeting, and is open to local authority and public sector staff from across Scotland. The most recent outputs are available here.

The Design Skills Symposium follow up event was delivered in collaboration with the LAUDF.