Outdoor Learning Case Study: Tain Royal Academy

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This resource is part of a study looking at what outdoor learning can mean in its widest form, taking the school as the hub from which learning radiates out into the school grounds, the immediate surroundings, the wider town and community, and even the wider world. If we start mapping these into learning environments, the classroom is no longer the only, or always the best place for learning.

Pupils at Tain Royal Academy had previously made hour long trips to Inverness College each week to attend the Construction Skills course, however it was decided that this was not efficient use of school time. Space was not available in the school building, so pupils suggested that they build a classroom in the grounds of the school.

The outcome is a spacious, well lit classroom which has generous space for class activities. Though it is for use by the Construction class, other departments have asked to borrow the space for other uses.

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