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Published: 27/09/2022

Scotland + Venice 2023 is looking for Press, PR and Digital services support

Please note that this call is now closed.

The Scotland + Venice partnership is in the process of commissioning a creative team to be put forward as a collateral event for the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

The creative team will present an exhibition of new work at the Arsenale Docks, S. Pietro di Castello. Details of the successful team will be announced in mid-October.

We are now looking to appoint a team, agency, or individual communications professionals to provide Press, PR and Digital Media services to the project.

There are two opportunities:

One to support the Press and PR campaign, and another to supply Digital communications support.  

The successful contractors will have experience in securing significant international, UK and Scottish media coverage (print, broadcast and online) or online engagement and promotion in the field of architecture, design and culture.

Please note that an agency or contractor with skills in both fields is welcome to tender for both briefs, but equally contractors with strong expertise in one or the other can tender for these individually.

Press and PR brief

Download the brief for more information about the opportunity and and how to submit your proposal. 

Digital communications brief

Download the brief for more information about the opportunity and and how to submit your proposal. 

Delivering the promotional campaign

The successful tenderer(s) will need to collaborate closely with a range of stakeholders, and each other, on the delivery of the promotional campaign for the 2023 project.

The contract is expected to run from late 2022 to November 2023, where the workload will vary significantly during the run of the contract.

How to submit your tender

Download the briefs for full details on what is required in the tender. 

Register your interest
If you are interested in tendering for this opportunity you are invited to email by 7 October. Please note you can still submit a proposal without having registered your interest. 

Any questions? 
We also invite you to ask any supplementary questions for clarification to help you complete your proposal.  Please submit your questions to by 7 October 2022. Please see answers to the questions received to date on this page. 

Key dates for the tender:

  • Questions/register interest in tender 7 October
  • Submission deadline: 24 October (18:00) 

Questions and Answers on the Briefs

Yes, the winning team has been appointed. However, we are not sharing these details until the official announcement. This is due to take place the week commencing 17 October.  We will take into account that the bidders will not have the full information about the creative team whilst preparing their submissions. Please note that we are not looking for a finalised plan.

You can submit your proposal as one document.

However, we would ask that you pay attention to the different questions in the brief and make clear how you would respond to these. The word count of 750 words is a maximum, not a target.

Examples of key differences in the briefs are (but are not limited to):

A topline outline of key targets for press and how you will achieve them.

Digital: A topline outline of key targets for digital engagement and how you will achieve them.

About the contractor

PR: Details of previous experience relevant to the current tender including international media (max 750 words)

Digital: Details of previous experience relevant to the current tender (max 750 words)

About the contract
Budget: Please present your budget in two separate tables e.g. provide a full breakdown of costs for the PR and Press contract and a separate full breakdown for the digital contract.

Find out more about Scotland + Venice

You can find out more about the previous architecture presentations and the ambitions of the partnership on the Scotland + Venice website. 

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