Material of the month – December 2017 – Rainscreen Cladding

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With only 25 days until Christmas (please mentally re-calculate that figure accordingly) we feel it was time to bring out a very festive material for December… Yes… It’s here… Rainscreen Cladding.

Rainscreen Cladding is perfect for the winter season –  after all it rains a lot. While the masses are gambling for a white Christmas, nature can almost guarantee it will rain at some point during December. This rainscreen cladding system combines environmental credentials with flexibility in size in a durable ceramic tile surface finish.

A building clad in Rainscreen Cladding barely even needs a Christmas tree with its wonderful colour palette (of which there are seven colours).

Manufactured in the sleepy hollow of chestnut (Chesterton), Rainscreen Cladding is composed using 94% recycled clay and slate with a 6% glass re-enforced plastic backing. The ceramic tiles are applied to a building using a set of aluminium support brackets. The full installation guide is available from the manufacturer. For a safe installation, this guidance should be followed.

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