Intergenerational Housing Case Studies

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Download: ADS_Case_Study_Report_HousingLIN FINAL September2019[1]

This is a report from the Housing Learning & Improvement Network (Housing LIN) for Architecture & Design Scotland. 

In 2018, RIBA published their influential guide, Age-Friendly Housing: Future Design for Older people. Co-authored by Julia Park, Levitt Berstein architects and the Housing LIN’s Jeremy Porteus, it drew attention to the HAPPI design principles and the growing recognition of the importance of accessible, adaptable and inclusive housing and neighbourhoods that have intergenerational and multiuser appeal. 

This report provides a digest of 12 case studies of intergenerational housing drawn from the UK and internationally. These provide examples of intergenerational housing that have features and components that are applicable to the Scottish town centre context. 

This work is in the context of Architecture & Design Scotland’s programme Town Centre Living: A Caring Place. The intention is to identify examples of intergenerational living and housing that are consistent with the principles of A Caring Place but also to identify the elements of these case studies that can be applicable to achieving these principles in practice. 

Image: Marmalade Lane, Cambridge


Selecting the correct stone

This is a pre-recorded CPD by SFGB which will have industry experts for the live Q&A on selecting the correct stone.

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