Housing to 2040: Case Studies and Reports

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The Scottish Government has begun to consider how our homes and communities should look and feel in 2040 and the options and choices to achieve this. Throughout 2019 Architecture and Design Scotland supported the Scottish Government’s Housing to 2040 consultation. We also supported the development of a travelling exhibition which invited the public to share their views on future housing.

Summer Engagement Workshops

During the summer in 2019 A&DS and Scottish Government travelled to four locations across Scotland to review the delivery of recent affordable housing –  built and planned.  We sought to identify “what good looks like” and ” how to get there” in a range of settings. We heard the voices and stories of professionals, local people and residents.  We discussed the skills and resources needed.  We used Scotland’s Place Standard tool to consider what it takes to create housing and places capable of improving our health and wellbeing.  The workshops produced lessons for housing policy and delivery.

At various points during the tour Scottish Government Ministers joined the workshops.

Workshop reports


This first workshop was held in July in Dunbeg, near Oban in Argyll and Bute. It had a focus on Highlands and Islands growth. We discussed the housing currently under construction at Dunbeg, the largest programme of its kind in Argyll and Bute for many years.  From here, we plan to draw wider lessons for housing growth in the Highland and Islands.



The second workshop was held in July in Paisley, with a focus on town centre regeneration. We discussed the 20 year regeneration of the Arnott’s Backlands site in Paisley where a fourth phase of housing  is currently under construction. From here, we plan to draw wider lessons for housing growth new in town centres.


Granton Masterplan

The third workshop was held in mid-August in Pennywell, North Edinburgh. Following a site visit to new housing there we discussed the emerging masterplan for neighbouring Granton and what lessons can be learnt from it for large-scale urban regeneration.


Fraser Avenue

The final workshop was held in September at the Civic Centre in Inverkeithing. It focused on housing growth through suburban infill. We discussed transformational housing that is replacing Inverkeithing’s Fraser Avenue.  From here we plan to draw wider lessons for the public sector and housing association working together and engaging local people to deliver improved housing, while enhancing the assets of a place.


Housing to 2040 Voices

We spoke to a number of individuals involved in two of the projects – Dunbeg and Paisley. You can read about their experiences here:

Paisley: The Resident’s Experience – Ian Patrick

Paisley: The Architect’s Experience – Adrian Stewart, DO Architecture

Dunbeg: The Community Contact’s Experience – Moria MacVicar, West Highland Housing Association

Dunbeg: The Architect’s Experience – Tom Connolly, Elder & Cannon Architects

Dunbeg: The Client’s Experience – Colin Culross, Link Housing Association


Present Voices – Future Lives: Exhibition

At the end of 2019 A&DS supported an exhibition which travelled to 12 places. Present Voices – Futures Lives was designed to hear from people and engage communities across Scotland. It was curated and designed by Edinburgh University’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA), Collective Architecture and Peak15Design, together with filmmaker Chris Leslie and Sandy Halliday of Gaia Group. Accompanying the exhibition were facilitated workshop sessions designed to hear from a range of voices.

Housing Typology Case Studies

These examples illustrate where architects and urban designers have reconciled functions of the individual house that are integral to placemaking.

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