Place Forum: Thinking big, thinking beyond

Landscape of a rural setting with forests and wind turbines in the distance.

How do we explore and collaborate with place and people to help embrace the scale of vision required for the future? 

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Online (Microsoft Teams)
22/11/23 - 22/11/23
11:00 am - 13:00 pm

Join us for the third Place Forum where we will be looking at whole place design and collaborative approaches. The event will be chaired by Heather Claridge, Architecture and Design Scotland’s Director of Design. 

The keynote speaker is Dr Liljana Jankovič Grobelšek Head of the Planning Office, Department for Urban Planning, City Municipality of Ljubljana

Dr Jankovič Grobelšek is an architect, working as an urban designer and spatial planner. For almost two decades, she worked in the private sector, including a few years in her own company. From 2013 onward, she has been the Head of the Planning Office in the Department of Urban Planning in the Ljubljana City Municipality. Working for the thriving and vibrant capital city of Slovenia, she is determined to always put public interest in the forefront.

The other presentations are:

Renewables powering communities - Brendan Turvey of NatureScot

Brendan Turvey of NatureScot will talk about this bold new approach to embracing the energy landscapes of the future.

Climate Action Coastlines - Lisa MacKenzie and Anaïs Chanon of ESALA

Landscape Architects Lisa MacKenzie and Anaïs Chanon of ESALA will present on their Climate Action Coastlines project looking at natural coastal adaptation.

Falkirk Greenspace Strategy - Alistair Shaw of Falkirk Council

Alistair Shaw of Falkirk Council will provide an overview of the award-winning Falkirk Greenspace Initiative which links towns, villages, waterways and greenspaces in a co-ordinated and collaborative way.

To see ourselves as others see us - Morag Bain, Architecture and Design Scotland 

Morag Bain will talk about Architecture and Design Scotland’s perspective on participating in the International architecture exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia through the Scotland + Venice project over the years.

This event is held online on Microsoft Teams.

About Place Forum

At Architecture and Design Scotland we work to make the Place Principle an everyday reality – to transform how Scotland’s places are planned, designed, delivered and sustained. The Place Principle is where people, location and resources combine to create a sense of identity and purpose. It plays a crucial role in addressing the needs and realising the full potential of communities.

It asks that all those responsible for providing services and looking after assets in a place work and plan together, with local communities, to improve the lives of people, support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and create more successful places. 

To do this successfully we must find opportunities to learn from each other and to make connections. This is why we have introduced the Place Forum. Very much in line with the Place Principle we wanted to make sure that there was a place where practitioners and decision-makers could meet. 

Join us on the 22 November 2023 to learn more. Read more about our previous Place Forum events here.  

Image Conexus Douglas West by 3REnergy