How do you work outside your ‘red line’ to deliver liveable town centres?

An illustration of blackburn town centre with green spaces, active travel routes and a bus stop.

How can we collaborate better to design for town centre living? 

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17/04/24 - 17/04/24
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Place Conversations: Town Centre Living

The Town Centre Living and Investment Roadshow took place at the start of 2024. Inspired by the themes emerging from the series of events, Architecture and Design Scotland is now looking to explore transferrable lessons from the roadshow. Key themes that consistently come through are the importance of collaboration and understanding the wider picture in a place. What are the key ingredients to delivering a liveable town centre? Who needs to work together and what do they need to consider?  

We will be joined by Claire McArthur, Policy & Strategy Manager, Aberdeen City Council and Rory Kellett, Architect and Director of Threesixty Architecture. 

The Town Centre Living and Investment Roadshow was delivered collaboratively by Scotland’s Towns Partnership, Scottish Futures Trust, Architecture and Design Scotland and the Scottish Land Commission.

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Header image: Richard Carman

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