Conference brings together key actors in Scotland’s renewables sector

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Architecture and Design Scotland is hosting a one-day conference on renewable projects aimed at bringing a range of interested parties together. The Estate Scale Renewables Conference, on Tuesday November 20th, brings together a range of participants – from those with ideas to those with available land and financial assets, to explore the possibilities of renewable energy projects.

Speaking about the conference, Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive of A&DS, said

The quality of our buildings and places plays a key role in the success of our nation, our communities and our citizens. Well-designed buildings and places enable healthy lifestyles, minimise impacts on the environment and provide opportunities for the economy to grow. Our role in A&DS – as the national champion for architecture, design and placemaking – is to promote the highest standards of design in the built environment, and the impact of renewable energy projects plays an important role in developments across Scotland.

He continued

Scotland has a history of designing with climate in mind, which means that designing sustainably doesn’t necessarily mean big infrastructure projects, but means striving to get building and place designs right from the start.

A&DS provides advice to clients, designers and local authorities on significant development proposals across Scotland – working with a range of organisations in the public and private sectors to help them to shape places that we can all value, while celebrating the value of architecture and the creation of places where people want to be.

Renewables are part of the Government’s integrated strategy on energy and emission reduction targets and this has a knock on effect on how buildings, places and the wider environment and landscape will look in future.

A&DS supports the implementation of the Scottish Government’s Renewables Targets, where renewable energy plays an important role in delivering carbon reduction targets, but where wider energy efficiency must be achieved through building regulations and integrated place strategies.

The conference looks at Estate Scale Renewables – however, it is not just about large scale stand-alone projects such as wind farms and marine energy schemes but also about integration in city wide, neighbourhood and rural projects – integral to buildings, applied to facades and roof scapes and area wide, such as district heating.

The conference is sponsored by the James Hutton institute, with the supporting partner Scottish Land and Estates.


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