Tests of Change – Our Lady of the Missions, East Renfrewshire

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Our Lady of the Missions (OLM) East Renfrewshire

How do you build a culture of collaboration? 

Our Lady of the Missions (OLM) wanted to innovate how they teach within their existing buildings. There is a lot of pressure on all spaces. There is also a need for better experience in STEM, arts and social spaces. 

OLM is re-imagining the possibilities of their existing spaces. Pupils and teachers worked together to create a strategy. The pupils helped test the plans through a space-hack – building and testing models in cardboard. The pupils then worked with a designer to create furniture. They drew inspiration for parents and grandparents and included classic board-games.  

The school has built a culture of collaboration. They are taking on their own projects to keep making better use of their spaces. 

SERVICE: Design Advice for Schools

A&DS offers a design support to education authorities offering an external view, peer support, facilitation and learning networks.

Introducing Climate Action Towns

Following on from the Designing for a Changing Climate Pilot A&DS will deliver a programme of support to Climate Action Towns across Scotland

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