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Clydeplan, A+DS and SNH have hosted an event to consider place-making at the city region scale. Officers from the Clydeplan constituent authorities, along with agency and stakeholder representatives, participated in the workshop.

This report identifies key principles for the delivery of place-making outcomes at the city region scale. It identifies some observations arising from the event, and proposes some next steps for the SDP partners in the plan making process.

Whilst the workshop highlighted the challenging nature of making tangible the concept of ‘place-making’ at the city region scale, in general terms participants recognised the value of a place-making led approach to strategic development planning. There was also a general consensus to retain what works well in the existing Strategic Development Plan (SDP) and learn from what works elsewhere. Four key principles were identified:

  • Be clear about the purpose
  • Let place be the driver
  • Work between scales iteratively
  • Communicate a clear, strong message

The first workshop focussed on the user experience of the existing SDP, and a second workshop focussed on mapping place-making outcomes in specific locations, before concluding with a general plenary review.

Closing comments included:

  • Consider the role for the SDP as a ‘prospectus for investment’: i.e. these are the assets, this is the rationale, here are the interdependencies across the SDP area, etc.
  • Promote the role of town centres: there is enormous vacancy, but also an enormous concentration of identity and place quality: ensure they’re not lost!
  • Focus on the narrative can get us through a discussion of what’s really strategic, working through the competing tensions etc.
  • Set out a strategic intra as well as intra-authority mechanism for working: there will be different narratives for how the city-regional vision is realised in different locations;
  • Remember that every project (whether strategic or not) can contribute to delivering a better quality of place in the city region.

The aim of the workshop was not to solve a particular place-making ‘problem’ in a given location; it aimed instead to model a multi-level governance process through which to achieve place-making outcomes reliably and systematically.

The concluding section draws on observations and conclusions from the workshop and sets out recommendations for next steps to put in place a process that will structure strategic choices, move from project-based to place-based thinking, and build city-regional capacity for action.

Recommendations are structured under three headings:

  • Main Issues Report (MIR) consultations: Structuring strategic choices
  • Linkages with other policy agendas: Moving from project- to place-based thinking
  • Strategic Development Planning Agency: Building city-regional capacity for action.

More information is available in the accompanying reports. The first report provides an illustrated overview of the event. The second report provides a text only summary. The third report provides a thorough reporting of what happened in terms of the presentations, discussions from the breakout sessions and views expressed on the day.

The reports crosslink with a previous A+DS hosted event on ‘What makes a sucessful city region’ delivered by Winny Maas –

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