Kentish Town Health Centre

Learn how a new standard of healthcare building has created an uplifting multi-use facility in Kentish Town.

A large tree in full leaf next to the health centre on a sunny day. Several cars are parked on the road outside.
Published: 15/01/2010

Kentish Town Health Centre is more than just a healthcare centre. It is also a civic venue: a gallery for displaying local artists’ work, a space where local groups meet, and a base for neighbourhood initiatives. 

The brief was to create a building that expressed a new, holistic approach to healthcare, and to create an inspiring and uplifting environment for staff and the community alike. 

The abiding impression for the patients and staff is that of a light and airy building, well connected into the fabric of the neighbourhood. 

Case study: Kentish Town Health Centre

Read the full case study to find out more about the project, including further details on its architecture and design.

Benefits for visitors and staff

  • Convenience: Most visitors are within walking distance of a range of healthcare services. It includes large GP practice and complimentary diagnostic, screening, dental and children’s health facilities. 

  • An inspiring and uplifting space: The artwork on display, the light and airy building, views of the surrounding environment, and a secluded garden contribute to the building’s positive and uplifting atmosphere. 

  • Uses beyond healthcare: It is also a civic venue where local artists display their art and that neighbourhood initiatives can use as a base. 

  • Flexibility: Consultation and treatment rooms are available for each practice or service to book via the centralised administration system. They can also be transformed to suit a variety of functions with comparative ease. 

Colourful artwork of different shapes behind glass stretching across the length of a grey outside wall.
Entrance area signage. Image credit: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Sustainability strategy

The building’s sustainability strategy considerably reduced the amount of mechanical ventilation required and saved costs significantly. 

Brightly coloured grilles have been incorporated into the window frame design so that a section of each window can remain securely open while providing passive cooling. 

And rooflights have been used to naturally light as much of the building as possible. This reduces its energy consumption even more.

Header image credit: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

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