International and National examples of a caring place

Exploring the different types of a caring place for the ageing population. 

Two elderly people sitting in a garden outside a row of houses with brick facades on a sunny day.
Published: 20/09/2018

We help local authorities and communities’ re-purpose the social and physical infrastructure of town centres to support care for the elderly, their families and carers.  

Adapting and improving town centres and housing for the ageing population requires us to work together with people who have experiences in creating these types of places. 

Only by working together can we design places for the ageing population to live independently, gain access to better healthcare and services, and feel connected to their local communities.  

But what are the factors that should be considered when planning and designing places for the ageing population? 

What you can learn in this case study

We’ve collected a list of national and international projects that explores the themes of a caring place for the ageing population. These are categorized into typology or focus areas. 

Glossary | Typology: In the architectural sense refers to the study and documentation of a set of buildings which have similarities in the type of function and form.  

The typology or focus area includes: 

  • downsizing  
  • densification 
  • intergenerational 
  • work and care models 
  • residential – independent living 
  • residential – care 
  • mixed-use 
  • shared spaces 
  • co-housing 
  • participatory community 
  • tech 
  • green and public spaces 

International and national examples of housing for a caring place

Take this case study away with you to gain a better understanding of the factors considered for planning and designing places for the ageing population. 

Header image credit: Joyce Huis on Unsplash

Rethinking how we can design housing and town centres

We are supporting the Scottish Government to realise the Town Centre Review Action Plan. ‘Caring places’ or ‘a caring place’ is an example of our approach to town centre living. Visit our page on town centre living to gain access to resources that helps us rethink how we can design housing and town centres. 

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