Case Study 35 – Cultybraggan Hut One

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Project Name: Cultybraggan Hut One

Building Type: Visitor Centre

Location: Comrie Perthshire

Architect: John Gilbert Architects

Image: Tom Manley

Project: The aim of the project was to demonstrate how a Nissen Hut on a former POW camp could be upgraded insulating the structure for the third time to create a warm and functional space. The Nissen Huts were originally insulated using straw. Following the War when Cultybraggan became an Army Camp this was replaced with spray foam insulation. A variety of innovative insulation materials have been tested in Hut One. Natural materials with low embodied energy have been selected to work in harmony with the existing materials of the hut.

Materials Featured: Sheep’s Wool, Recycled Plastic Insulation, Hemp batts, Recycled Cotton Insulation, Wood Fibre insulation.

Carbon Conscious Towns Case Studies

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