Case Study 20 – David Douglas Pavilion

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Project Name: David Douglas Pavilion

Building Type: Public

Location: Explorer’s Garden, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Perthshire

Architect: Robin Baker

Project: The David Douglas pavilion was built for Pitlochry’s Scottish Plant Collectors Garden and its design intended to be innovative and promote the use of home-grown timber. The original concept was of a ‘folded leaf’ used as an over arching roof form protecting the sheltered space within. The combination of traditional pegged framing construction and modern sheathed framing, then informed the concept to produce the simple organic form of the building. The entire superstructure is constructed in Scottish timber.

Materials Featured: Douglas Fir, Larch Shingles, Scottish Oak, Ash, Elm.

Case Study 18 – The Long House

The form of agricultural sheds and barns in the surrounding area inspires the use of timber and corrugated sheeting in the design of this house.

Case Study 19 – The Timber House

A contemporary reworking of the Highland vernacular, constructed with energy efficient cross-laminated timber, sheathed in profiled metal cladding.

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