Case Study 19 – The Timber House

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Project Name: The Timber House

Building Type: Residential

Location: Scotland’s Housing Expo, Milton of Leys, Inverness

Architect: John Gilbert Architects

Project: The house is constructed from 95mm thick cross laminated timber panels made of spruce and pine laid across one another and bonded together to form a very strong unit. The solid timber walls are good at retaining heat, and timber is warm to the touch, making the internal environment of the house very comfortable for the occupants.

Materials Featured: Cross Laminated Timber, recycled paper insulation, Hemp fibre Insulation, profiled aluminium sheet.

Case Study 18 – The Long House

The form of agricultural sheds and barns in the surrounding area inspires the use of timber and corrugated sheeting in the design of this house.

Carbon Conscious Towns Case Studies

These Case Studies identify two towns in Scotland working on the ground to deliver on the 8 Principles of a Carbon Conscious Place: Dumfries and Leven

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