Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Case Studies Document

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Architecture and Design Scotland is supporting the Scottish Government to realise the ambition of the Town Centre Review Action Plan. ‘Caring Places’ is a thematic approach to town centre living. The focus is on re-purposing the social and physical infrastructure of town centres to support care for older people, their families and carers. The ambition is to create places that work, that deliver choices, that people want to be in.

This set of case studies brings together national and international examples, looking at the physical and thematic components of a caring place. Projects have been grouped by typology/focus area. Themes particularly evident within typology groupings are noted for each typology. The diagram above represents the overall recurrence of themes throughout all typologies.



(updated September 2018)

Town Centre Living: A Caring Place

Town Centre Living: How we can use design to help create a caring place? What value does design bring? Join the conversation!

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