Carbon Conscious Towns Case Studies

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In 2020 Architecture and Design Scotland published the Designing for a Changing Climate: Carbon Conscious Places Report which focussed on 4 scales of places in Scotland examining the theory behind delivering Carbon Conscious Places in Scotland.  Building on that work these Case Studies identify two Towns in Scotland already working on the ground to deliver on the 8 Principles of a Carbon Conscious Place: Dumfries and Leven 

Over 50% of Scotland’s population live in towns, it is therefore key that Local Authorities and communities are empowered to respond and adapt to the impacts of climate change. However, every town has its own unique set of circumstances, demographics and geography so there is no one-size-fits all approach for adapting to Climate Change. Our towns need to address and act on a number of complex issues including: reducing and balancing carbon emissions associated with our heat and energy; supporting significant behaviour change to tackle the emissions associated with all other aspects of our daily lives; and adapting to the risk and impacts of climate change. 

In these Case Studies we focus on two Scottish towns working to tackle those complex issues: one a former market town in the South West of Scotland; the other a former industrial centre on the East coast.  

In Dumfries, a number of grass roots community and third sector led initiatives have given continued and new life to the town centre and The Crichton Care Campus, a multi-generational care village.  

While in Leven a strategic approach between a number of Key Agencies, led by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), has enabled action focused on the environmental improvement of and connectivity with the River Leven and its surrounding area.

(Updated May 2021)

Introducing Climate Action Towns

Following on from the Designing for a Changing Climate Pilot A&DS will deliver a programme of support to Climate Action Towns across Scotland

Blog: The future will be local

To introduce our Climate Action Towns work we reached out to partners to contribute a blog on how Scotland's Towns can address Climate Change.

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