Building Performance Evaluation, Domestic Buildings at Scotland’s Housing Expo – Summary of Final Report

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Scotland’s Housing Expo was held in August 2010 in Milton of Leys, Inverness. It was a high profile event developed to showcase innovative sustainable housing with a variety of design ideas and technologies contained on one site. All dwellings on the site were architect designed and delivered under a unique design and build arrangement by five developers working together on site in partnership with the local housing agency the Highland Housing Alliance (HHA). The project was completed in 2010 and comprises 26 individually designed low energy homes.

The BPE study was undertaken from August 2012 – October 2014 and the final report submitted to the funding body TSB (now Innovate UK) in December 2014 and approved by them in February 2015.

The study examines the relationships between design intentions and predictions, impacts of the procurement process, users’ experiences and perceptions of the design, and metered environmental and energy performance. Occupant engagement, in the form of diaries, and the testing of improved occupant guidance were included as part of the project.

You can read the full 154 page report with all relevant recorded data and appendices here.


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