Co-producing quality places: learning for the Place Standard

A photograph of an urban street at night - in Mannheim Germany - people cross the road in front of a tram.
Published: 02/06/2017

Community empowerment sits at the heart of the Scottish approach to making places work. Changing places with people is about sharing a sense of the issues and ambitions, supported by examples of the art of the possible.

As part of the process of informing and engaging communities in the regeneration of Pennywell, Community Action North [CAN], organised a study trip to Mannheim and Vauban in Germany to learn about the way different communities co-produced places for people. The trip was facilitated by Governance International, who bring a wealth of experience in co-producing better outcomes with citizens.

This blog series sets out some of the observations and learning from the trip. It considers the learning in terms of some of the themes identified in The Place Standard. The Place Standard is a useful tool to facilitate conversations on shared issues and priorities in places, within communities and between communities and stakeholders.

Moving from identifying issues to action is about innovation, collaboration, and learning from elsewhere. The purpose of this blog is to illustrate some of the possibilities for action around some of the social themes in The Place Standard tool.

Blog 1: Citizens, systems and outcomes

This blog looks at what we can learn from Mannheim around citizens, systems and outcomes.

Place Standard theme: identity and belonging

Blog 2: Galvanising neighbourhoods

This blog looks again at Mannheim in terms of what we can learn around galvanising. neighbourhoods

Place Standard theme: influence and sense of control

Blog 3: Stories and what they teach us

This blog looks at the importance of stories in shaping action with communities.

Place Standard theme: social interaction

Blog 4: When places change

This blog looks at Vauban and the way places adapt to changing community need.

Place Standard theme: housing and community

Blog 5: Quality and dignity

This blog looks at the Green City Hotel in Vauban, an inspiring story of inclusion, quality and dignity.

Place Standard theme 5: work and local economy

Blog 6: Fostering passion and commitment

This blog reflects on the co-production stories from Mannheim and Vauban and explores passion, participation and sustainability.

Place Standard theme 6: care and maintenance

Headline image: Night scene in Mannheim by Fisnik Murtzei on Unsplash