A&DS submission to Housing and Wellbeing consultation

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The Commission on Housing and Wellbeing, established in 2013 under the chairmanship of Robert Black (former Auditor General for Scotland), is considering the relationship between housing and wellbeing for the people of Scotland. It has been asked to consider and recommend national housing priorities and policies to foster and sustain wellbeing for all the people of Scotland, and hopes to conclude its work by the spring of 2015.

More information is available at http://housingandwellbeing.org/

A+DS has submitted a response to The Commission’s consultation document which offers initial assessment of the importance of housing for general wellbeing in Scotland as well as some of early ideas for what more might be done to help improve housing conditions and generate enhanced wellbeing in the future.

In summary, A+DS believes the most important considerations are:

  • delivering long term wider benefits are more important than achieving short term narrow gains
  • we need to think beyond housing unit numbers, to better appreciate spatial and social consequences of housing investment decisions
  • decisions about housing affect people’s lives: housing has a crucial role to play in delivering and levering wider health, wellbeing and societal benefits
  • ‘place’ is an important starting point to focus discussion and bring together differing agendas to inform decisions about housing investment
  • housing is central to delivering wider benefits when seen in terms of joined-up place based investment
  • partnership and leadership are key

Further information is available in the accompanying submission document.

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