A&DS Planning Performance Framework Report 2020-21

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(September 2021) A&DS recently published its Planning Performance Framework (PPF) Report for the 2020-21 business year. The report shows our work in the planning system, how we build capacity and support local planning authorities.

Public engagement during lockdown: An illustration of people using computers and sat on planters as they engage with the planning system.
An illustration from our Community Engagement during Lockdown event.

The report shows our impact to our stakeholders, through the delivery of our services. Over the year, A&DS provided design advice to 44 projects at pre-application stage, supported six planning authorities in the preparation of seven effective spatial strategies and provided support to seven strategic placemaking initiatives.

“The event was great both in content and how it was delivered, something different which is going to provoke a range of reactions and discussion – look at the progress being made and how far we have come.”
Participant, Public Sector Client Forum

View of the bike lanes and pedestrian walkways in Countesswells, which link the housing to the main road and greenspaces.
View of the bike lanes and pedestrian walkways in Countesswells (Credit: Optimized-Environments).

A&DS’ Support to the Planning System

We fulfil our purpose by providing advice on the extent to which plans, policies and development proposals support successful placemaking. As a key agency, we contribute to local development plans and other national and regional spatial plans.

“I’ve enjoyed the A&DS sessions (other than juggling my self isolating baby!) and they have been very well organised and worked well on Teams!”
Participant in an online advice session, Glasgow Urban Design Framework Workshops

A&DS is not a statutory consultee and does not determine planning applications or other development consents. Those who do so take account of our advice as they make decisions about development proposals on the basis of relevant plans and policies. In 2020-2021 we contributed to the planning system in the following ways:

Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary Entrance with cream sandstone cladding and fronted by greenspace.
Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, which we showcased in our case study published in 2020.


What is the Planning Performance Framework?

Planning Performance Frameworks (PPF) were developed by Local Planning Authorities, Strategic Development Planning Authorities, Key Agencies and the Scottish Government as a way of measuring the value added by an authority or organisation. Typically, the reports compiled use a mix of qualitative and quantitative measures to give a snapshot of measures. These measures are agreed through the Key Agency Group and the Scottish Government. Each Key Agency prepares a PPF report annually, as well as a joint statement on their activities undertaken.

You can see past Planning Performance Frameworks here:

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