Planning Performance Framework Report 2019-20

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(August 2020) A&DS recently published its Planning Performance Framework (PPF) Report for the 2019-20 business year. The report shows our work in the planning system, how we build capacity and support local planning authorities.

Keynote Speaker Christina McKelvie, Minster for Equalities and Older People, speaks at our Intergenerational Housing Event in June last year.
Public Sector Client Forum Event In June, 2019

The report shows the impact of our advice services and support to planners. Stakeholder feedback shows that our input leads to an improvement on 91% of the projects we helped with. Our services aimed at building capacity gained similar levels of positive feedback. 93% of attendees at our LAUDF events would recommend them to a colleague and 84% of attendees to the Public Sector Client Forum (PSCF) rated it highly.

“The client found the involvement of A&DS to be invaluable. [It] has transformed the project both in terms of the thought put into and quality of the proposals.”

Planning Consultant for Private Housing Developer

A&DS’ Support to the Planning System

We fulfil our purpose by providing advice on the extent to which plans, policies and development proposals support successful placemaking. As a key agency, we contribute to local development plans and other national and regional spatial plans.

An aerial view of the proposed Fraser Avenue regeneration in Inverkeithing, the location of one of our ministerial visits. The development runs from a road adjacent to Inverkeithing train station to the inner bay.
Housing to 2040: Fraser Avenue in Inverkeithing, the location of one of our ministerial visits.

A&DS is not a statutory consultee and does not determine planning applications or other development consents. Those who do so take account of our advice as they make decisions about development proposals on the basis of relevant plans and policies. In 2019-2020 we contributed to the planning system in the following ways:

Design Advice: Blindwells Emerging Settlement Plan

What is the Planning Performance Framework?

Planning Performance Frameworks (PPF) were Developed by Local Planning Authorities, Strategic Development Planning Authorities, Key Agencies and the Scottish Government as a way of measuring the value added by an authority or organisation. Typically, the reports uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative measures to give a snapshot of measures. Key Agency Group and the Scottish Government then agree to these measures. Each Key Agency prepares a PPF report annually, as well as a joint statement on their activities undertaken.

You can see past Planning Performance Frameworks here:

A&DS’s Support for Planning Service

A&DS has published it's Planning Performance Framework which demonstrates how the organisation is supporting a high quality planning service...

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