A&DS Corporate Plan 2021-24

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We prepared this Corporate Plan in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic and the escalation of the climate emergency. Alongside these world-scale challenges are more local issues to tackle – decent housing for all, provision of high-quality greenspace, the regeneration of town centres and access to modern public services.

Now, as we look forward to recovery, we do so with a heightened awareness of both the importance of place and the focus it can provide in designing a better, fairer and more prosperous Scotland. During lockdown, people became much more aware of their surroundings and how these affect their wellbeing.

For some, this is driving a change in living patterns that may have a lasting impact on our urban and rural places. For others, it has highlighted the work still to be done to have neighbourhoods that provide everything needed for a healthy and fulfilling life.

This means neighbourhoods where everyone has access to safe, warm and affordable homes; quality greenspace on the doorstep; local work and training opportunities, and infrastructure that enables active, sustainable travel.

This means places that promote health and wellbeing, can be zero-carbon and climate resilient
while supporting a local, inclusive economy where people are well connected by digital networks.

Our Response

Our response to all of this is to support a whole-place collaborative approach to the way Scotland’s places are planned, designed, delivered and sustained. This approach will lead to tangible improvements to the lives of communities and individuals across the country.

It will contribute to delivering the National Outcomes sought by the National Performance Framework and will support inclusive growth, long-term wellbeing and the green recovery. By putting this approach into practice in individual places and sharing the subsequent learning from across Scotland, we will make it possible for those benefits to be realised.

Outcomes to 2024

This plan aims to build evidence and understanding of the benefits of a whole-place approach. This will rely on achieving the following by 2024:

  1. We are widely known as Scotland’s leading authority on applying the Place Principle to the built environment.
  2. We are relied on by partners, stakeholders and decision-makers for providing leadership, skills and added value to support a collaborative whole place approach.
  3. We have the knowledge and relationships to pursue systemic change that will remove barriers to – and actively encourage – a whole-place collaborative approach.
  4. Our partners and stakeholders can access evidence of the benefits of a whole-place collaborative approach, and know how to measure the benefits in their own work.
  5. All those with an interest in undertaking whole-place collaborative projects across Scotland can access examples of what such an approach looks like.
  6. Our partners and stakeholders across Scotland share a common understanding of what a whole-place collaborative approach is.
  7. Whole-place collaborative approaches are being adopted and embedded in eight local authorities or other organisations responsible for planning and/or investment in places.
  8. In each of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas, real change on the ground – for the benefit of local communities – has begun, following our support of whole-place collaborative projects.

Download the Corporate Plan to find out more, or get in touch by emailing info@ads.org.uk  to see how we can work with you.

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