Stalled Spaces Scotland Toolkit 2017

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Stalled Spaces Scotland was inspired by Glasgow City Council’s Stalled Spaces, and funded by the Scottish Government under the Legacy2014 programme. Launched in 2014 is has been delivered by Architecture and Design Scotland and has supported 50 projects in seven local authority areas.

In May 2017 A&DS launched the Stalled Spaces Scotland toolkit to help other communities and local authorities to develop their own projects to bring life back into stalled or vacant spaces. Please download the digital version of the toolkit on this page, or request a (free) printed copy of the Stalled Spaces Toolkit by emailing

Image (detail) from the publication by Spyridon Pagkalis. Mobileland. The University of Strathclyde

Stalled Spaces Scotland

Stalled Spaces Scotland aims to encourage and support communities to bring stalled spaces or derelict and vacant land back into temporary use.

Making Places

Making Places: This project is about community empowerment and capacity building through community events and workshops.

Making Places Initiative

Find out more about the Scottish Government's Making Places Initiative and the latest developments.

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