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Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS) is Scotland's champion for excellence in architecture, placemaking and planning. We celebrate good architecture and design and work with a range of communities to shape the places we all value.
We deliver our work through encouraging and inspiring the public to get involved with architecture through exhibitions, events and workshops, we offer informed advice to those responsible for the development of our places and we promote sustainable approaches to building and placemaking.

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Putting the child at the heart of school design, providing resources to those tasked with creating learning spaces.
Supporting the creation of healing places and healthier communities across Scotland
Assisting those responsible for the development of the built environment by providing informed advice on the design quality of proposals.
Helping to inspire the public about architecture and design in Scotland, through exhibitions, education and events.
Supporting the creation and renewal of sustainable Scottish communities.
Dedicated to raising awareness of sustainable design in architecture and the built environment.
  • 01/11 until 28/01

    Exhibition: Postcode 3000

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  • 14/11 until 28/01

    Exhibition: A Picture of Health

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  • 04/12 until 28/01

    Exhibition: SEDA Krystyna Johnson Award 2014

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  • 23/04 until 21/02

    Material Considerations: A Library of Sustainable Building Materials

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