About A&DS

Our purpose is to promote the value good architecture and sustainable design adds to everyone’s lives. Our role is to help people – whether by enabling them to get more involved in shaping the places they live in or improving the design of the buildings they use. Well-designed buildings and places make the very best use of our resources and create places that help people and communities to flourish.

Our website will allow you to learn more about the positive impact good design can have on Scotland’s places through examples, articles, resources and case studies from a variety of projects, as well as finding out how you can get involved in what we do.

Through our work we help to implement the policies of the Scottish Government, and while we have involvement across a number of policy areas, our principal policy focus is on implementing Creating Places, Scotland’s Policy for Architecture and Place. We were set up in 2005 by the Scottish Government and we are an executive Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB).

How we can help

Our purpose is to promote the value of good architecture and sustainable places.

If you are involved in creating places – whether as a client, agent or funder – we can help you. If you want to learn more about architecture and design in Scotland we have articles and resources on a wide range of topics. If you are a student or professional you can find details about our training and other events.

We have lots of examples of how good design creates better places across our website. You can use our resources tool to gather images, articles and exemplars to inspire you or help you prepare briefings.

We engage directly with development clients on a range of scales, including working on the development of Scotland’s schools and health buildings. Our Design Forum provides dedicated support to a range of development projects across Scotland through workshops and other supports.

We can help people to get involved in shaping their places and to learn more about Scottish architecture and design.

Sustainability is a key factor in our work and we provide access a range of resources on the topic, including a library of sustainable building materials.

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