What does good leadership look like?

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Download: Bo01 Case Study – What does good leadership look like?

A+DS’s urbanism team is pleased to publish the attached case study ‘What Does Good Leadership Look Like? Lessons from Bo01’, which highlights lessons for Scotland about how inspired leadership can enable the delivery of better, sustainable places. The case study is published in partnership with the Scottish Centre for Regeneration and builds on the findings of their recent research ‘Delivering Better Places’, which identified leadership as one of the areas vital to successful place delivery.

The case study is based around analysis of the Bo01 project in Malmö, Sweden, which was the subject of an international masterclass at the 2010 Design Symposium Scotland. The Symposium was a collaborative initiative between A+DS, the Scottish Government’s Scottish Centre for Regeneration and Architecture and Place Division, and Improvement Services, which looked at the need for the delivery of better places to meet the challenge of climate change.

Klas Tham, the internationally renowned designer, who led the design and delivery of Bo01 in Malmö addressed the design skills symposium with an ‘international masterclass’. Central to the Bo01 project were the ideas of ‘place’ and ‘sustainable development’. Through his leadership role on Bo01 Klas Tham has shown a way to meet the challenge of exemplary, sustainable development.

The case study looks at how change was brought about at Bo01, shows what the outcomes of innovative leadership were, gives practical lessons for Scottish leadership, as well as a providing a profile of the Bo01 project and an analysis of key aspects of the development form.

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