Visioning Linlithgow’s Future

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Today a Future Cities games will be held in the burgh town of Linlithgow; facilitated by the British Council in association with Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS).

The Futures game has been instigated by the local community through ‘Linlithgow Aspires’. It is a team based process to create positive change in the town. The game offers a genuine opportunity for the community to get fully involved in the regeneration process, generating an original and locally relevant response to what are perceived by Linlithgow’s residents to be the greatest challenges and possibilities.

The process is conceived as a different approach to the traditional regeneration process, enabling the community to consider all aspects of their town, in a manner that should build up skills and understanding, allowing the community to participate fully in later stages of the regeneration process.

The Linlithgow Future City Game forms part of a programme of place-visioning that has been developed by A&DS which seeks to encourage new ways of thinking about how we retain and re-imagine our places as places where people want to be.

The Future Cities website can be found here.


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