Transcript of Annual Review 2020: in numbers animation

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Transcript of Our Year in Numbers

Description: The video features an animated look at key statistics from Architecture and Design Scotland’s Annual Review. The video zooms around a screen with small illustrations, featuring key numbers from the year.

It starts with the Architecture and Design Scotland Logo and the words 2020 Highlights.

50: Best Use of Timber Exhibition: 4 projects exhibited, with around 50 people attending the official launch at The Lighthouse.

135 people attended the Public Sector Client Forum on Climate, Health and Place.

7 – we responded to 7 consultations including on the infrastructure investment plan, National Planning Framework 4 and on Vacant and Derelict Land.

455 people signed up to attend our digital launch of Designing for a Changing Climate: Carbon Conscious Places Report

20 Built environment professionals attended our event on design review.

52 professionals representing 22 different local authorities and public bodies attended our Local Authority Urban Design Forum to discuss market-led housing.

120,000 visits to the A&DS website in 2020.

22 Publications on benefits of collaborative design ranging from housing, place standard and green roofs through to event reports and 12 dispatches from The Happenstance – our contribution to the 2018 Biennale di Venezia.

We supported work in 8 local authroities to renew the centres of existing communities, or significantly expand settlements, supporting the creation of new business, public and leisure facilities and over 10,000 homes.

10 – We supported the design of 10 bridges – mostly footbridges – and 55 kilometres of footpaths and cycleways.

4,000 visits to the Materials Library at The Lighthouse n the first three months of the year. Over 16,000 online visits, four student works and two e-CPDs delivered.

1,000 – Over 1,000 new followers of Twitter since the start of 2020.

16 – We sent out 16 newsletters highlighting our work and events, with around 2,000 recipients

2,118 new followers across all social media channels.

Description: Video zooms out to reveal a series of small shapes and illustrations, fading to a logo with the words Architecture and Design Scotland.

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