‘Towns as Verbs’

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The Urbanism team at A+DS recently supported the workshop on the ‘role of the modern town centre in 21st century Scotland’, organised by Scottish Government and the Scottish Retail Consortium. The event forms part of the process of informing the review of town centres.

The key theme to emerge at the workshop relates to narrative: what is the story of town centres and how do we create a new story for these places? There was general agreement that the new story for town centres is about people, diversity and mix. It is a story beyond retail only thinking, but retail still forms a key element of the future town centre mix.

Diarmaid Lawlor helped facilitate some of the group sessions. Some observations from this facilitation, and the workshop as a whole are captured in this summary note ‘Towns as verbs’. This note forms the second feature on the town centre series being progressed by the Urbanism team, including the recently published summary of the Scotland’s Towns Partnership conference. The other features will include:

  • Small town futures- a review of the recent BEFS conference
  • Low carbon towns- a summary of the presentation to the RTPI Scotland conference
  • Place resilience and town centres-observations from Scotland

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