Towards a new learning infrastructure for collaboration

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Collaboration for impact is about sharing knowledge and a different way of doing things. Collaboration can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating. However, it is a proven effective and efficient way of creating and shaping ideas, engaging wide and diverse communities in a common purpose, agreeing priorities and establishing the fundamental principles of projects.

Increasingly, the culture of collaboration is moving towards greater ‘open-ness’ in the use of data, in the sharing of ideas and in the creation of communities of practice. This is a shift in culture and practice. Open source design and open learning, enabled by the internet are resulting in new forms of design practice, such as the MAKLab example in Glasgow. This is about communities of makers and do-ers openly sharing ideas about what they do and how they do it. It is about learning outside institutions, peer learning, professional learning, learning for impact.

To explore what the learning infrastructure for collaboration might look like, and to explore what we mean by ideas like Open source, Snook recently hosted a seminar in The Lighthouse. This was supported by the Urbanism team at A&DS, and the report of the event is available to view here.

An open evening on learning and collaboration is being hosted by Snook on November 22, again supported by the Urbanism team. The event is free, but please register for tickets here.


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