This Place Matters

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This Place Matters is a collaborative learning project for communities and local authorities.

Successful places serve better the people that inhabit them. If we invest in and strengthen place – and all the human connections, attachments and assets that make it work – then we strengthen local democracy as the basis for wider collaboration and the co-production of public services.

Our places, successful or unsuccessful, don’t just drop from the sky. They are made by our human action, either through thought and deliberate deeds – or through accident. Successful places carry and embody the values and aspirations of the leaders who helped make them and the professionals who enabled them.

So this focus on place puts larger and different burdens on local leadership.

The University of Glasgow and Architecture+Design Scotland offer a half-day collaborative learning workshop for local leaders. Its purpose is to provide a space for local leaders to strengthen their leadership skills, focusing on the issues in their place. It will assist in identifying a common vision for their place and on ways to make it happen. An outline of the offer is in the brochure in the side panel.

The University and A+DS are working in association with the Improvement Service which will provide assistance with evaluation and, if needed, with local or national follow-up activities after the workshops.

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