This Friday Presents… Integrating Green and Grey- Interview

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As part of GREEN2014 our This Friday Presents… Intergrating Green and Grey event on 16 May 2014 looked at how green spaces in our cities need to deliver on many levels. Rolf Roscher, Director of ERZ Ltd, presented the Multifunctional Greenspace Project and the Integrated Green Infrastructure study of south-west Glasgow.

This page includes the link to the video of the event and the Pre Event Interview conducted with Victoria Leiper.

Pre Event Interview:

Rolf Roscher, Director of ERZ Ltd, will be giving a talk This Friday Presents talk on Friday 16 May on the theme “Integrating Green and Grey” as part of the GREEN2014 programme of activity. We caught up with Rolf before his talk:
What does integrating green and grey mean?

Presently we have a system of planning and building the urban environment that focuses almost exclusively on the buildings and roads. This talk will look at how the integrated green infrastructure process can generate a more balanced view of the urban environment.

What’s your favourite recent project and why?

I will be talking about the multifunctional green space projects that we are involved in developing as part of the legacy of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow for Glasgow City Council. There are three projects, all exciting and bringing positive change. One project – hopefully the first to move forward – is in Camlachie which is one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Scotland. At the heart of Camlachie is a large derelict site and the proposal is to transform it into a new public space – something that is currently entirely lacking. It’s a very exciting project.
What would you like people who come to This Friday Presents take away from your talk?

I would like people to come away with an understanding of the need for change in the current process and to be inspired by these projects to help make change happen.

This Friday Presents 009 – Integrating Green and Grey
16 May 13:00-14:00, Level 2, The Lighthouse.

Find out more about the talk and to book your tickets here

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