This Friday Presents… 12 days of Greener Legacy

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On Friday 11 July officers from Glasgow City Council brought stories of a thousand bees, a wooden elephant, a brand new rose and much, much more as they outlines some of the Greener legacy projects put in place across the city to ensure that visitors and residents alike will be able to enjoy a green Commonwealth Games and a long term sustainable legacy for the city.

At an interview before the event Heather Claridge, Project Manager Glasgow’s Green Year 2015, explained:

The Games are nearly here now and Glasgow will feel a different place for a couple of weeks – what are the greener legacy projects that you would like visitors and residents alike to pay attention to?

As the city puts the final touches to its Games preparations, Greener Legacy would like people to look out for Glasgow’s green transformation, which has taken place. Some of which is very visible like the temporary interventions popping up on gap sites on the key routes, the sustainably constructed Athletes Village, home to the thousands of Athletes or the many interesting sculptures installed in the parks to represent Commonwealth regions. And others which are less visible , like the power to the Velodrome from the new Combined Heat Plant, the environmental accreditations held by all the Games family hotels and the infrastructure put in place to help Games waste be diverted away from landfill.

Can you give a snapshot overview of the projects that will feature at the talk on the 11th?

A thousand bees, a wooden elephant, an outdoor cinema on a neglected space, a wind turbine generating clean energy and a brand new rose… Over the last two years, Greener legacy has grown and gathered 20 diverse green projects which demonstrate the city’s commitment to ensure direct positive community benefits from the Games. Focusing on just 12 days, the talk will provide a narrative to some of the projects.

What would you like people to take away from your talk?

Greener legacy has made the very best of staff resource to ensure the 20 projects have involved and engaged thousands of local people, leveraged in significant investment to some of the most economically and socially deprived areas of the City and helped deliver environmental renewal across the City. Ambition, partnerships and perseverance have been paramount to the success and continuation of these projects.

How can people get involved in supporting greener legacy for Glasgow?

There are lots of different ways people can get involved in Greener Legacy. This could include following @greenglasgow on twitter to keep updated with news and opportunities, volunteering for a local clean up through Clean Glasgow, signing up for Parkrun’s weekly 5k runs, forming a community group and taking on a ‘stalled space’ or encouraging your favourite business to apply for an Environmental Business Award.

In addition, 2015 holds great opportunities for people to get involved with the Green Year the city is currently planning. If people have an idea for an event or project they would like to run as part of 2015, Greener Legacy can offer advice and support. Visit – or email for more information.


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