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007 Reactivate
6 Dec 2013 – 5pm

The This Friday Presents… evening talk coincides with the opening of the Reactivate! Innovators of Dutch Architecture exhibition.

The exhibition showcases young Dutch architectural firms who have pragmatically adjusted to the political, economic and cultural changes in society. Through their actions, they have redefined the boundaries of the profession. The projects shown are examples of new forms of collaboration, new instruments for financing structures, product development for homebuilders, interconnected and sustainable use of energy and material flows and vacant lots as the sites for social renewal.

The exhibition is organised around five guiding principles, they illustrate this new attitude and what they entail:

The Tradition and the New
Cycles & Time
Re-evaluating value
New Collectivism
Reactivating Landscapes

11 Scottish practices will also feature in the exhibition, you can find the full list of practices involved here.


17.00 – 17.30
Talk by Indira van’t Klooster – Editor in Chief of A10 new European architecture.

17.30 – 17.40
Exhibition overview by Saskia Van Stein – Bureau Europa.

17.40 – 18.20
Panel Discussion – Chaired by Karen Anderson Chair of A+DS with guests:

Indira van’t Klooster, Author of Reactivate!
Indy Johar, Co-Founder of Architecture 00:/
James Mitchell, Founding Director of Orkidstudio
Saskia Van Stein, Exhibition Curator

DECADE: Participate!

How can we get people involved in shaping a building, place or service?

This Friday Presents

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