This Friday Presents – 002 Beyond silos: Teaching green design

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002 Beyond silos: Teaching green design
by Hattie Hartman
1 Nov 2013

More and more architecture curricula are integrating sustainable design into the studio, and post-graduate courses are proliferating. On Friday 1 November Hattie Hartman, Sustainability Editor at The Architects’ Journal, will give the talk ‘Beyond silos: Teaching green design’ looking at how we can put green design at the forefront of teaching.

Hattie Hartman’s talk has been organised in collaboration with the Scottish Ecological Design Association to coincide with the Krystyna Johnson Awards 2013 exhibition. The Krystyna Johnson Award was re-launched in 2012 to encourage second year architectural students to bring ecological thought to their work from the outset.

Things to do:
Follow the Footprint Blog to keep up to date with sustainability across the UK, become a member of the Scottish Ecological Design Association, and start bridging the gap with those around you.

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