This Friday Presents – 001 Cities are for People

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001 Cities are for People
by David Sim
11 Oct 2013

David Sim gave the first This Friday lunchtime talk “Cities are for people” to show us why and how we can make our cities for people.

For more than 40 years, Jan Gehl, the internationally acclaimed Danish urbanist, has studied how people use cities. His research was a response to the many places, which have been impoverished by ‘modernist’ notions of planning and efficiency. The work of Gehl Architects has been about redressing the balance and ensuring that cities are for people, David is a partner and creative director at Gehl Architects.

Check out the Cities for People blog for more information on the work of Gehl Architects and if you missed the screenings of The Human Scale documentary in Edinburgh and Glasgow during October 2013 we would highly recommend finding a screening, here is the documentary trailer.

Cities for people – Jan Gehl

In September A+DS supported the annual Sir Patrick Geddes Commemorative Lecture given by Jan Gehl, founding partner of Gehl Architects in Copenhagen.

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