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The Steve Tiesdell Flickr image collection has over 4000 Images from the UK, Including images of the RIBA Stirling shortlist 2013 – Newhall Be housing scheme, Essex.

The Collection forms part of the legacy of Dr. Steve Tiesdell, who taught and researched at the Department of Urban Studies at University of Glasgow. During his life, Steve was a prolific observer of places. Steve captured through photography, various urban conditions on his travels, with great focus on peoples interaction with place. The photographic collections form part of the Steve Tiesdell estate. The Tiesdell Family, with University of Glasgow have placed the image library catalogues in the trust of A+DS to share an open source learning resources.
Since summer 2012, we have been loading images onto a dedicated web based database. There are over 100 sets available to use, with over 8350 images of all aspects of place making and Urban Conditions from Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and USA.

We are delighted to share these collections and will continue to load images to the Flickr site on a phased basis. The images are free to use, but we ask two things:
that users of the images reference the Steve Tiesdell legacy image collection;
that users consider contributing to the Steve Tiesdell Endowment Fund which has been established to support early career research into making better places for people.


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