The Liveable City – exhibitions and seminars as Glasgow hosts Danish-Scottish urban planning summit

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The Liveable City – exhibition and seminars 8-10 November 2016 at various venues in Glasgow.

Urban planning leaders from the UK and Denmark convene in Glasgow for The Liveable City conference. It features seminars on how government, planners, architects, businesses and local communities can create sustainable, healthy and thriving cities.

The conference is organised by the Danish Embassy and provides the latest insight into how Denmark and UK can inspire each other:

“In Denmark, we’re at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that will lead to greener and more people-friendly cities in the future. However, in order to truly create change, the best know-how and the brightest minds must come together. With The Liveable City conference, the UK and Denmark are leading the way by exchanging ideas and engaging in fruitful and dynamic co-operations to further the sustainability agenda. At the conference in Glasgow, I am looking forward to seeing the latest of what the two countries have to offer with regard to make our cities liveable for everyone, and hope it will lay the foundation for even more partnerships in the years to come,” says Danish Ambassador to the UK, Claus Grube.

The three-day event features seminars on smart cities, housing, heat, flooding, architecture and sustainability, and addresses the question of how to create beautiful cities with a more resilient economy, healthier residents and a better quality of life for everyone.

“Liveability is a key issue for city leaders around the world and for me as Glasgow’s political leader it’s all about creating a place where our residents, visitors and investors can enjoy the highest possible urban quality of life. Glasgow has a strong history of innovation and creativity that has made this city one of the best in Europe for sustainable living. We are a resilient city and we are a dynamic city.

Above all, I am committed to making Glasgow a place where social justice goes hand in hand with inclusive economic growth and allows all our people to flourish. I know that these ideals are shared by many other cities across the EU and I therefore welcome the shared conversation which we will be having with our Danish friends. Welcome to Glasgow!” says Frank McAveety, Leader of Glasgow City Council The Liveable City sees a range of influential and knowledgeable stakeholders come together. Among them are The Royal Incorporation Of Architects In Scotland which is also one of the partners behind the conference.

“This important symposium brings together expertise from Denmark and Scotland to consider shared issues and priorities. The opening seminar, on the issues of masterplanning and development for the future of our cities, is an opportunity to consider the context for this series of events which will offer potential solutions to the benefit of our politicians, developers and architects. It is refreshing that such European perspectives are being reviewed in Scotland, a nation which has always looked beyond its own shores for inspiration and to reinforce indigenous knowledge and skills.”, says Neil Baxter, Secretary and Treasurer, The Royal Incorporation Of Architects In Scotland.

Alongside the seminars, the exhibition Architecture with People shows a wide range of projects developed by Danish architects creating architecture for people by focusing strongly on environmental, economic and social sustainability. Through photos and facts, the exhibition presents different examples of how Danish architecture is all about creating settings that make people feel safe, generate new opportunities and encourage diversity. Architecture with People will be exhibited at The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, Scotland G1 3NU.


The Liveable City conference will include the following seminars:

 Masterplanning and Sustainable Urban Development

 How to Run a Profitable Practice – The foundation for visionary design

 Housing Challenge, Housing Opportunity

 Cities in a Changing Climate – Preparing our cities for extreme weather

 Face of Architecture – Facades matter

 Towards a Zero Carbon Scotland – Heat Networks

 Innovative Use of Big Data – Investing in the Danish smart cities sector

Venue: The Lighthouse, Gallery 4, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow (except for the seminar “Zero Carbon Scotland – Heat Networks seminar” which is at the Velodrome). Sign up for free and view the full programme:


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