The Happenstance: Dispatch 3

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Scotland + Venice: Dispatch 3 of 12

Into the Mouth of the Wolf: Peter McCaughey

In this dispatch, anti-curator of The Happenstance, Peter McCaughey, tells the story of one day to illustrate how, from the moment the Scottish team find the garden, “the daily incidence of co-incidence and good fortune is uncanny”. The day is run through breathlessly, with a score of bird song, singing, music, talking, playing and making, resounding throughout the day.  The “expect to get lucky” mantra leads to the chance encounter which increases the serendipity and manufactures the magic (with some tension to add a bit of spice!) – all happening in that one day, amongst days, in the Garden of Epiphanies.

The Happenstance / Scotland + Venice: Scotland’s critically acclaimed contribution to the 16th International Architecture exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia 2018. Curated by WAVEparticle.


The image shows an evening film screening taking place in the garden of Palazzo Zenobio.

Image credit: Graham Ross

Posted 16 September 2020




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