The Ghillie Dhu comes to Glasgow

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The Guillie Dhu has been sighted in towns and cities across Scotland. For your safety: Do not approach the Guillie Dhu, observe from a distance and keep pets on a lead. Forest Fae can be dangerous.

The Ghillie Dhu – the Scots guardian spirit of the trees – is to come alive on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street on Thursday 21st November to promote the national tree of Scotland consultation.

People across Scotland have been registering their choice for a national tree but time is running out. The consultation closes on 3 December so Forestry Commission Scotland is encouraging everyone to make their views known as quickly as possible.

It is very easy to register your choice and only takes a couple of minutes. Details are through the Forestry Commission Scotland Website.

The Commission is also encouraging the public to take photos with the Ghillie Dhu and to post these on their Facebook page.

The Ghillie Dhu is a creation by artists Ailie Rutherford and Bob Moyler.


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