The Big Picture Participation in School Design

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The Big Picture Participation in School Design

As a teacher, parent or community member, you may at some point get a new school in your area. The process of designing a public building such as a school can be complex and confusing, and in order to get involved you might want to know a bit more about what happens.

To help describe what participation could involve and how it fits into the overall project, Architecture and Design Scotland has created a downloadable presentation on the subject;

To view on Issuu, click here

It gives an overview of what design participation is, why it is important school users are involved and the role they play within the design of a new school. It can be used by facilitators to introduce the topic to a group about to embark on the design of a new school or by individuals to understand why they are being asked to be involved.

A poster explaining the process can also be downloaded here.



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