Test Unit: Art, architecture and design summer-school open for applications

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What is Test Unit?

Test Unit summer school and events programme is run by Agile City. It explores cross-disciplinary approaches to city development. Through an intensive week of collaborative experimentation, it aims to turn talk into action by testing ideas in public space. Each year the programme will inhabit a building or site and learn through engaging with ideas, materials, people and place. This year it is based in Speirs Lock, Glasgow and will run 17-23rd June.

If you can’t make the summer school then there is also an events and symposium programme. This includes talks, debates and a symposium for the participants to present their work to local audiences and strategic partners. Details can be found here.

Unit Themes and Facilitators

Each year, skilled facilitators are invited to lead a unit. These explore a theme which addresses local issues through focusing on a specific site to give a defined framework for experimentation. This year’s units are:

A Feral Studio: Learning Platform

Where next for creative education? What would independent creative learning, embedded in place and context, look, act and feel like?

Assemble: The Severed Hand

A week-long experiment in thinking through building, without models or drawings. How do mainstream cultures of construction impact on our shared experience of the city, and day-to-day possibilities of urban life?

BAXENDALE: Source Material

Using only locally sourced materials as a tool to map the social, cultural and economic condition of the area and construct a new scenario for the occupation of the Phoenix Nursery site.

STEALTH.unlimited: The Co-op Protocol

Explore the principles of cooperative city development: How to enact something that is yet to be imagined? What are the most challenging changes to take on? And how will the decisions on these be made?

How Can I Apply?

You have until May 21st to apply here.

If you want to know more head over to www.agile-city.com/test-unit or contact them at  hello@agile-city.com



Selecting the correct stone

This is a pre-recorded CPD by SFGB which will have industry experts for the live Q&A on selecting the correct stone.

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