Talking Heads: Briefing for Curriculum for Excellence

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The Schools Programme have commissioned a series of ‘Talking Heads’ videos, to capture good experiences and good practice in the design of learning environments, which enable and nurture Curriculum for Excellence.

These short videos hear how the leadership teams at four schools, in Inverclyde and Clackmannanshire, have been involved in the design process for their new schools. They provide an insight into how design has contributed to the delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence, and highlight the importance of setting out a clear brief from the start of the design process.

As one headteacher attests, if you are wanting to design a school for the new curriculum, ‘pupils have to be at the heart of it’.

At each of the schools, the design teams actively listened to staff, students and teachers to find out what their needs for the new building were. The results are schools that the staff and students are proud of, and which provide positive and supportive environments that support communities and learning.


The videos are available to view on Vimeo via the links below;

Alva Academy

Inverclyde Academy

Inverclyde Schools


Alva Academy

Inverclyde Academy

Inverclyde Schools


Other videos in the series are;

Fairview School

Alva Academy

Douglas Academy

St Peter the Apostle High School

Blackfriars Primary School, Glasgow

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