Studying Architecture: Interview with prospective student

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In our series of articles about studying architecture we are also speaking to those considering the subject in the future. Louis Ross is one of those students currently considering his future plans to study architecture. He is currently a student at Dunblane High School. 

‘My interest in studying architecture stems from when I started studying graphic communications in school – I became fascinated with technical drawing and working with computers to create models, floorplans and so on. I’m studying this subject for my Highers.

I think I have got inspiration from a number of places – travelling with my parents and walking around cities, TV programmes like Grand Designs and recently we visited Robert Gordon University to find out more about studying architecture.

I’ve also got a lot of books about architecture and some of my dad’s friends are architects so I have spoken to them. I am going on a week’s work placement in October at a Glasgow practice. Last summer I visited Canada and went to my dad’s cousin’s architecture office – it was a great environment and they did great work.

Currently the forerunners for where I might study are Robert Gordon University, Edinburgh and Strathclyde.


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