Student Awards Reflections: Nine past winners give their views

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For the past fifteen years the Scottish Student Awards for Architecture have been able to highlight and celebrate the emerging talent from Scotland’s architecture schools, and give everyone – members of the public and people in the profession – one place to see the talent of our emerging architects.

In a series of interviews we looked back on the records and got in touch with winners in the various categories to find out what impact the awards had on the start of their career, and what they were up to now.

Carefully curate your submissions – Daniel Cardno, winner in 2016

An exciting opportunity to educate others – Gabriela Mill and Ryan Canning, winners in 2016

Tell your narrative logically and clearly – Robert Hebblethwaite, winner in 2015

Find that key design idea – Stanislava Delieva, winner in 2014

Choose study that pushes your further – Andrew Stewart, winner in 2014

Cultivate your creativity – Melissa Lawson, winner in 2013

Quality will come out of curiosity – Dale Smith and Michal Scieszka, winners in 2012

Do something that inspires you! Marianne Partyka, winner in 2011

It’s a great thing to have on the CV – Kieran Sheehan, winner in 2011

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