Stratheden Hospital: Elmview and Muirview Wards

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The recently completed Elmview and Muirview wards at Stratheden Hospital near Cupar, Fife is a multi-award winning mental health facility, demonstrating that well considered thoughtful design of the environment can provide significant benefits to patients and staff.

The development was built over two phases and consists of an 18-bed ward (Elmview), and a 24-bed ward (Muirview), both are low secure and deal with a range of organic and functional mental health conditions.

The new wards replace existing services that had previously been provided at Whyteman’s Brae Hospital in Kirkcaldy from the 1960s. The hospital, which was designed with nightingale wards, had changed direction over time from being purely a mental health hospital to providing more of a community service. The ward types had become unfit for purpose and were generally considered to be outdated for the model of care required.

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